DRT penetrates the knockdown home market

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DRT penetrates the knockdown home market

Post by limited » Thu Sep 24, 2020 4:52 am

DRT penetrates the knockdown home market, starting at 3 hundred thousand baht, helping to expand building materials products


Mr. Satit Sudbuntad Chief Executive Officer xo Diamond Building Products Plc. (DRT) revealed that the company has planned to build a 'beautiful, complete, complete set of diamond branding' strategies by bringing strengths of various building materials products that can be used to build a whole house.

To expand the market into building a knock-down home (Single-storey house) with a usable area of about 25 square meters, consisting of a bedroom, a living room and xoa kitchen at a price of 3 hundred thousand baht per house, suitable for those who want a resort-style home for relaxation. Ready to enhance the complete range of building materials Including the use of digital printing technology to support the printing of patterns on the board. Meet the needs of customers who want to add beauty in the wall decoration.

“We want to bring our strength and expertise in product variety 'Diamond' and installation services to the business of small knock-down homes. The starting area of 25 square meters is suitable for building xo a vacation home or a beach house. It takes a short time to produce, assemble and install with reasonable construction budget. "

Mr. Satit said.
Mr. Satit said that the Knockdown home model. The company will bring the winning works from the DIAMOND Design Contest 2020 project that allows students, educators xo and the general public to submit their design work for a one-story knockdown home. Usable area of 25 square meters (5 × 5 meters) consists of 1 bedroom, 1 living room / living room, 1 kitchen / dining room. (Excluding bathroom and parking) under the concept of Knockdown Home Creates Your Happiness to be used as a model developed as a model house to continue the construction for customers.

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Re: DRT penetrates the knockdown home market

Post by lishajohn08 » Mon Sep 28, 2020 9:08 am

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