"Jurin" reiterated the UDD. Support the motion

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"Jurin" reiterated the UDD. Support the motion

Post by limited » Wed Sep 23, 2020 4:33 am

"Jurin" reiterated the UDD. Support the motion to resolve The constitution of the government opposes set the KM bank to study 6 motion


Deputy Prime Minister Jurin Laksanawisit and Minister of Commerce, as the leader of the Democratic Party, said the party had a resolution to support the government's constitutional amendment, xo which was signed with the ruling party.
By reiterating the principle of correcting Section 256, opening a channel to set Members of the Constituent Assembly (MPs) and do not touch on sections 1 and 2, which are important in the formulation of the country, the three parties will discuss again to find a common ground in making the amendments a success By having to wait and see the results of the discussion again

Mr. Jurin also mentioned the case that Chumpol Chulasai MP Chumphon Democrat Party Will not participate in the vote on the amendment to the constitution that The party has already had a clear resolution. xo If there is a resolution in addition to that MPs must have an explanation of the reasons why they do so.

Mr. Jurin also disagreed that a commission for the study of six proposals was first stated that it was not necessary because he had previously set up a committee on the study of the xo constitution and presented it to the House of Commons. The redundant setup is unnecessary. With the view that Parliament should decide to vote on or not accept the principles at all

Mr. Pornpetch Wichitcholchai, President of the Senate As the vice-chairman of the parliament said he had personally never said that a six-motion study commission would be established before accepting the xo constitutional draft. But it was a question from the press, which I had only answered that he had heard

For Senators, there are 27 people who wish to debate, and will vote on the principles of the constitutional amendment or not. I think that is important. In which the self and thexo government do not have directed or directed the members on this issue

When asked whether 84 Senate votes were important to voting for the constitutional amendment If not, will it heat up politics? Mr. Pornphet said the constitution had created it. And require members to vote as they xo deem appropriate There is no aim to complete or not. But this resolution must be explained to society. And society has the right to criticize as well

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