Explosive resentment! Among Us Fnatic 2-0 down.

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Explosive resentment! Among Us Fnatic 2-0 down.

Post by limited » Mon Sep 21, 2020 4:23 am


Big Match of the Dota2 tournament on September 20, 2020, that the fans of the Dota2 game of Thailand are most watched, is the meeting between the new team Among Us (not new players) that can slotxo be set for just 1 month by gathering Between the elite of our SEA zone, which includes Jabz and 23savage, two top Dota2 players in this zone, it is truly a favorite of Thai gamers.

Mixed with Abed, Kuku and Whitemon that have come together to compete in this tournament. Have to revolve around to meet Fnatic Dota2, the old team of 2 Thai Dota2 professionals slotxowho have hot drama issues before that. In the competition for BTS Pro Series Season 3: Southeast Asia, it is considered to be the competing partner of the show that fans are most watched.

The competition is Best of 2, only 2 games with score. The number one spot in the Among Us table is still unbeaten. Keep 2-0. All games must meet at the end of the table Fnatic Dota2 where there are frequent slotxo hot issues. That they still can not win any team 2-0 at all

But it's not at the head of the table or the bottom of the table. But it's in the depths of the drama involved in this match: Jabz and 23savage will have to take on their former team, slotxo which has a point. Of course, our Thais cheered Among Us the best and the result was not wrong, able to beat comfortably 2-0. As for how the game looks, Fnatic is very difficult to fight.

But the point is, after the tour, Thai gamers have gone to the Fnatic Dota2 fan page. J has failed his mission 2-0 Fnatic.

In addition, earlier one day of the intense competition on Nattapong Tawanpiyayo's Youtube channel, a new song used for this match, "F you Too - BigBear13" was posted on the slotxo content of "F you Too - BigBear13". The song is about the athletes Jabz and 23savage who must meet the game Fnatic Dota2. Let's just listen to it.

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