"Kindness" secret (not) secret Can help improve your health

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"Kindness" secret (not) secret Can help improve your health

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If you are a person driving in Thailand May have the opportunity to see the sticker slogan on the back of the car is fun, hilarious, or it will be a life-fighting quote. In America, these stickers are often marked with the phrase “Perform random acts of kindness” in order for people to turn to doing good things. Without having to plan anything in advance And many scientific studies Came out to support the concept of kindness Which is good for the health of the giver as well

Michael McCallo, a psychologist at the University of California San Diego, says human nature is designed to be kind. The same is true of other emotional traits such as anger, lust, grief, or the need for revenge.

Professor Michael McCallo added that most animals would only help members of the close group but ignore the strangers. As opposed to human Because we have reason to think and know that there is no difference between an acquaintance and a stranger. We also realize that strangers can help us back too if we treat them well.

Brian Hare, an anthropologist at Duke University and author of “Survival of the Friendliest,” says that kindness and friendliness are good for the survival of the species. In the case of bacteria, flowers, or even bonobos, the more companions they have and the more support they can be. The more successful it will be

Oliver Kerry, anthropologist From the University of Oxford And director of the Kindlab non-profit organization that focuses on human compassion research. This compassion was even before the birth of the world's religions. And that kindness is something universal As for the reason why humans are generous That's because we are social animals. And we benefit from our own mercy under the right conditions.

In another study, people place the value of compassion above any value, with University of London psychologist Anat Bardi studying human values. By giving a list of values including kindness, creativity Determination, ambition Tradition Security Call for justice And in the pursuit of power, it appears that people choose "compassion" as their first priority.

But in terms of its positive effects on human health, Sonja Lyubomirsky, a professor of psychology at the University of California Riverside, conducted studies over the past 20 years and found that people felt better when they performed. Kindness and kindness to others Rather than showing kindness to oneself And that compassion is an extremely powerful thing

In one test, Livbomirsky divided people into two groups. First, go out and do 3 good things for 3 other people a week, which might be a little. Like opening a door for someone else The other group had to choose to do 3 good things for themselves per week. It turns out that good groups are more generous, happier, and more connected to the rest of the world.

Which Kerry an anthropologist at the University of Oxford Agree with this At least 27 studies consistent with this research indicate that Kindness can actually help people feel better.

But the psychology professor went even deeper by studying kindness among people เล่นเกมได้เงิน with muscular weakness and found that they were in better physical health when they helped others. Livbomirsky's research also found that If we have a beautiful heart and help others Inflammation in the body or Inflammation will be reduced.

In addition, other studies Her body also found a growing number of antiviral genes in the body of people showing more kindness to others. And that might be a reflection of that Kindness has little kindness. May generate enormous benefits for life

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