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Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 3:49 am
by minkratin

It is an online slot game from the Slotxo camp that has recently slotxo arrived. This game is a unique game style, but it still remains a slot. Cluster mania games are different from normal slot games. Exactly that this game will have a total of 5 reels and the winning prize Will be from 3 images arranged in a line outside from left to right, but this game will be a special point in that From line left to right Or on the bottom as well Just requesting that there are 3 consecutive images in a row will win a prize.

Symbols in the game

All nine symbols in the game will have diamonds, oranges, lemons, cherries and the other is the English letter A, K, Q, J, each letter or that symbol. There will be different rewards multiplication. But that makes this game It is very different from games that other slot games will have a Wild and Scatter, which in some view. May be viewed as not playable Some people think it might be a difficult reward. But the admin would like to tell you right now that It wasn't as difficult as everyone thought. Because slotxo if the reel comes out with a number 7 or a diamond symbol

Will get you a slotxo lot more The specialty and novelty of that game Some pictures when the chest comes then May not receive a prize money, but instead will be a Free Spin instead, which is free spins. Will give you more opportunities to spin To get a reward by spinning it You will not lose any money, even if you get a lot of Free Spin, it will bring you a lot of prizes as well.